Teach your children about elevators

Please take some time the next time you ride in an elevator to explain to your kids that when an elevator car is leaving and you push the “call” button, the first elevator won’t be able to leave. If the first elevator car doesn’t leave, none of the other doors will ever open and you will never be able to get on a different elevator car and go wherever you want to go. I’ve talked about this sort of thing with Reid. There are many people in this world whose parents seem to have missed this lesson and they are always in the lobby with me when I’m running late for work.

And once the right elevator doors are open, those waiting to board should stand aside so that the ones in the elevator can get out. If you can, figure out where the people are most likely to go when they leave the elevator and stand on the other side. Those lines we stood in after recess at elementary school would be worth emulating.

While you’re on the subject of elevator etiquette, you could explain that the last person to get in the elevator gets to get off first when more than one person is exiting at the same time. If someone needs to exit and you’re in front, you step out of their way maybe even out of the elevator to let them pass.

If everyone followed these rules, it would definitely work for me on Wednesdays and every day.

Next week, maybe I’ll tackle what to do when bloggers you read rant about something as simple as riding an elevator. For more tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer for this week’s Works for Me Wednesday links.

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