Breaking news from daycare – now a Senior

When we picked Reid up from daycare on Friday, one of the Senior Preschool teachers handed Ken a form and said that Reid would be a Senior as of Monday. She said that due to low numbers Reid had been spending lots of time with the Seniors and so wouldn’t need the usual 5 day integration period. Much of what she has done as a Junior has been similar to what the Seniors do and she has spent lots of time with the Senior teachers since the Juniors and Seniors start and finish their days together. Two of her buddies, one of whom started daycare the week after Reid are moving up at the same time.

Over the weekend Reid talked about what Seniors do and don’t do. It would seem that Seniors don’t cry or drink milkies and did do various other things. Finally, I told her that she should figure out what was right for her and not worry so much about what others did. I talked briefly about how everyone was different. It was probably a first (of many) examples of how I just don’t get kid culture.

This morning when Reid woke, I said something about her being a Senior this morning. She looked down at herself and asked “Did I growed?” I explained that she might have grown a bit but that she was becoming a Senior because she was smart enough and knew how to follow the rules and behave like a Senior. It’s interesting to see how Reid’s mind works – for her older = bigger = grown up.

As they left for daycare, Reid was asking about where her cubby would be and it was an easy focus on how things would unfold rather than sounding stressed. She’s breaking the change down to a manageable level. At least I hope that is what happened, I haven’t heard from Ken to know for sure.

2 Responses to “Breaking news from daycare – now a Senior”

  1. DaniGirl says:

    I laughed out loud at “Did I growed?”

    Grow, Reid, grow!