Adding to Reid’s collection of Ottawa aunts

Aunty Amanda and Aunt Jane (Amanda’s mother) came for supper Wednesday. I invited them last week before I knew about the parent-teacher night at daycare. As it worked out, though, they came for supper and then Ken and I ran out to daycare, leaving Reid with them. (Yes, I asked them if they minded in advance.) Reid was not concerned at all when we left, she has added Aunt Jane to her collection of Ottawa “aunts”.

At supper, Reid had decided that all of her food needed to be kept separate. In separate bowls, as a matter of fact. The chili went into her pasta bowl and she borrowed my salad bowl for her cheese. Aunty Amanda made some comment about Reid’s bread being able to go in the bowl with the cheese, causing Reid to realize that she needed *another* bowl. (It’s good to have Aunty Amanda around to notice the things you’ve overlooked ;+) I explained that bread went on plates and handed her one. There are things I have to fight with Reid about, using multiple bowls and plates at dinner last night wasn’t on the list. It’s an interesting change from when she asks, “What can go here?” as she points at an empty region on her plate. That’s what she has been doing lately.

Reid was sitting on Aunty Amanda’s lap listening to a story when we got home. We heard that Reid had been a good girl during her bath, listened to some stories and generally did as she was asked. Reid’s hair had been brushed and put into a braid. I expressed surprise and asked if Reid had cried. Aunt Jane said that Reid had said, “Mama hurts me when she brushes my hair. We all laughed and then I asked if Reid had cried when Aunt Jane brushed and braided Reid’s hair. “Oh, no,” Aunt Jane said casually. Of course not! Reid saves the tears and wailing and gnashing of teeth for Mama.

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