Hmmm, let me think

As we drove to Melissa’s on Thursday, we were admiring Mr Moon. He was big, round, bright and low in the sky. It seemed as we drove that Mr Moon was racing to keep up with us. Reid has been especially interested in the moon, as well as planets as I’ve mentioned.

Reid asked me who was the moon’s mama. I suggested that the sun might be. She considered this and said, “The sun is a girl.” I pointed out that I was a girl and also a mama. Reid nodded and agreed that the sun could be the moon’s mama. Being an experienced mama, I knew what was coming and started trying to find a distraction. Before I came up with anything, Reid asked who was the moon’s daddy. I told her that I didn’t know but that we should think about it for a while. From the back seat, I heard a thoughtful and serious, “Hmmmm.” I knew she was taking my advice. We were close enough to the fire station to start talking about the fire trucks and we never got back to the moon’s daddy. What do you think? Who is the moon’s daddy?

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