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Word quota

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Have you read that women speak an average of so many words each day, while men speak many fewer? The research has subsequently been called into question but I don’t think Reid saw the reports. In fact, I think that Reid believes that, as a woman-in-training, she *must* utter a certain number of words each day. Yesterday she was off of her pace and so had many words to use at bedtime. Reid usually settles quietly in her bed. She may not go straight to sleep but she does lay there and try. Last night, she was bursting with information and silliness. I learned, for example, that L was planning to dress as ketchup for Halloween. Giggle. She would be red and have a ketchup lid, tapping head. Giggle. Reid decided that she needed to be french fries. Since it was past 8:00 on October 30, I quickly vetoed the idea and pointed out that elephants like ketchup. Reid pronounced me to be Larry or some such name and then offered a few made up words for my amusement. I’m afraid I was too tired and too old to find it as laughable as she did – and was getting worried the silliness meant she was getting sick since I’ve seen that happen. Finally, she settled down and went to sleep. All of a sudden, in the way that kids have of falling asleep as though a switch has been thrown.

She has her game face on – Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Reid with hockey helmet on

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