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A better person in a more interesting world

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

I’ve decided to participate in the November Group Writing Poject at MamaBlogga and the theme this month is “I’m grateful for my child(ren) because …” I know that I’ll get misty-eyed and also laugh when reading some of the other participants. I hope to share these things with you and them.

I am grateful for Reid because she has made me into a person who has rediscovered the importance and joy of being fully in the present, of noticing the little things and savouring the time to do nothing. I tended to be focused on the next challenge, experience or discovery. With Reid, I see that there may be a lovely flower (in the guise of a weed) right in front of me or an imponderable mystery to be considered. Really, why *does* the rain fall from the clouds anyway? Reid has also taught me how to put trust into action. I’ve learned to trust my body, my baby and myself to tell me what needs to be done for her happiness and mine. I am grateful for Reid for this lesson.

I am also grateful for Reid because she has introduced me to another side of the man that I thought I loved fully, to show me that I could love him even more, when I see┬áhim being a father to her. Ken’s tenderness to me was treasured before Reid’s birth. Seeing him, so big and masculine, holding our tiny baby girl with such gentleness played at my heartstrings. He still holds Reid with this protective care but also rough houses with her, much to Reid’s delight. I’m grateful that Reid gives this gift of playfulness to Ken as well.

I’m grateful for Reid because her birth and existance has strengthened and evolved my relationship with my mother and siblings. They give me the advice that one would expect but more importantly, they give Reid their unconditional love. I love them all the more for the fact that they love my child.

I am grateful for Reid because her life carries on some of the love I shared with my father and is a tribute to the love that I have for him. As a 17 year old whose world was shaken by the death of her father, I remember thinking that I had been cheated of showing my baby to my father. 16 years later I was sad that my dad couldn’t hold this beautiful child that I had borne. I was sure that he would have loved her. I think that having children is a leap of faith. I’m glad my father passed on his love of family and faith and grateful for Reid’s birth drawing my attention to these traits.

Overall, I’m grateful for my child because she has made me a better person in a more interesting world.