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Ken Elizabef, that’s Daddy Elizabef to you

Friday, November 16th, 2007

The other night I wanted to know what Ken to bring a spare shirt downstairs with him and so I went to the foot of the stairs and called up in my sweetest voice, “oh, Ke-en”. Maybe I didn’t say it like that but I did consciously choose a pleasant tone because Reid has the habit of yelling for people at the top of her lungs in the sort of tone you’d use when calling a dog who has made a habit of peeing in your slippers. Reid echoed my dulcet call and I said, “That’s ‘Daddy’ to you.” With all of the calling, Ken responded and I asked him to bring Reid another shirt. On my way back to the kitchen, I heard Reid calling for “Ken Elizabef” in a singsong voice. Ken responded with a manly, “I’m Daddy” and Reid countered with “Daddy Elizabef” in the same singsong voice. Poor man. Not only is he outnumbered by females, even when the cats are counted, he is the only one in our house who wasn’t granted the middle name “Elizabeth”. What were his parents thinking?

If you’re wondering, Ken did point out to Reid that his middle name is not like ours (or Reid’s in the strictest sense since that mixup on my birth registration form has left me with “Elizebeth” as a middle name).

Not quite a garret – Flaunt it Friday

Friday, November 16th, 2007

I’m discovering many new blogs this month. It seemed like a good way to the most out of National Blog Posting Month. I’m also trying my hand at a few memes, or themed posts. Most memes seem to create a feeling of community and people visit the other sites and comment on what you’ve put up. After more than a year, I’m still receiving only the occasional comment and it can be a bit lonely. This post is part of 2 week old meme called Flaunt it Friday that is hosted at Taken With a Grain of Salt and we’re all showing our workspaces.
img_3599.JPG  As you can see, I’m a laptop on the couch kind of girl. I use a breakfast-in-bed table for my Dell Inspiron 640m, SanDisk reader so that I can get images off of my Digital Rebel (old school, first edition), my iPod cable and a cable that came with Reid’s Kid Tough Digital Camera from Fisher Price. I must confess we also have a nice computer at a proper desk in our bedroom that I am free to use but I haven’t let go of the university lifestyle when it comes to my laptop.

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