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Let it snow, snow, snow

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Reid was pleased to see the dusting of snow that greeted us when we woke up on Wednesday and she was absolutely delighted with our first snowstorm of the season on Thursday. They spent lots of time playing outside at daycare and even built a couple of snowmen. There is a bit of a hill in the enclosure and they were sliding down it as well. When we pick Reid up at night, her mittens are wet and her cheeks are rosy and she has a great, big smile on her face. It is a great time to be a kid in a northern city. The weather forecast includes the likelihood of the snow melting, which makes me sad since I haven’t had a chance to play outside with Reid.

Those friendly public servants who sent me the Halloween safety tips have sent some tips for surviving a severe storm. This time, they didn’t let me read them in the email but they did post them to their Web site. The tips seem more related to summer storms than the snowfall we just had, though. I was expecting reminders about having chocolate bars and water in the car, along with a solar blanket and slow burning candle. I thought they might even remind me to put four snow tires on, clear all snow from the car before heading out and leave extra stopping distance while driving. Transport Canada offers the following advice for winter travel:

  • Always keep the gas tank at least half full, and add gasoline antifreeze to every second tank.
  • Top up antifreeze, transmission, brake and windshield-washer fluids.
  • Use a matching set of all-season or snow tires that meet standards (see below).
  • Make sure that tire valves are equipped with caps to keep out snow and ice.
  • Dress properly – wear warm clothing.
  • Carry a winter emergency kit that includes: extra antifreeze and windshield-washer fluid; a flashlight and extra batteries; blankets; a candle; matches; hazard markers or flares; a snow shovel; extra hats and mitts; and chocolate or granola bars.
  • Check local weather and road conditions before leaving.
  • If possible, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to arrive.
  • Bring a map and be prepared to take an alternative route.
  • Bring a cell phone.

There is also information on winter tire safety tips, antilock breaking systems and even information on safe snowmobiling.

We’ll be travelling again this weekend (and you know we always have rough weather) and want to be safe on the go. I thought I’d share the information that I gathered so that you can be safe, too.

I had pie once – the response

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

I’ve mentioned before that whenever Ken has pie he says, “I had pie once,” but it needs to be fresh in your mind or this won’t make sense. ┬áNow pie is pretty rare at our house but it wasn’t at Grandmamas when Ken’s grandfather was reminiscing about having had pie. We laugh when Ken says it but it makes me a bit sad that Reid and I never met Grandpa Charlie. From this and other stories that Ken tells, it sounds like he was a special guy.

All this leads me to the fact that I made an apple pie this past weekend. We spent some time at the orchard and then an afternoon of peeling, peeling and more peeling, that has left us with apples slices in pie portion sized bags in our freezer. I tossed some into a store-bought crust. (I didn’t say that I’d been possessed by Martha Stewart and made pie ;+) I even remembered to add margarine before I put the crust on so that we wouldn’t have apple soup like the last time.

When it was ready to eat and I offered it to Ken, he said, “I had pie once.” (I told you that he says it every time.) Not missing a beat, Reid asked, “You like pie again?” Ken and I laughed aloud and he declared Reid to be the only person to have offered the proper response.