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The view from the front door of daycare

Saturday, November 24th, 2007


Edited: Oops this isn’t Wednesday and so I think that I’d best add some words to this post. Reid’s daycare is in a heritage building in the midst of a farm and when you walk out the front door of the preschool building, you see a barn and silo. When you look out the windows on the second floor, you can see the Gatineau Hills. I try to make a point of looking as the scenes are often beautiful.

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Glimmer of bilingualism?

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

While Reid was nursing tonight, she said to me, “More milkies, please, Mama.” After a minute she said something that sounded like “lait”. I asked if she said, “plus de lait” and Reid said “yes”. Was it a glimmer of bilingualism? I know that Reid hears French at daycare but the only other time its been obvious was when she was learning the alphabet and substituted a “double-b” for the “W”.  Now I’m left wondering if I should have asked “plus du lait” or if “plus de lait” was okay. I can’t wait to go on French training so that I can speak more confidently with Reid.

Clark Kent has nothing on Reid-Reid

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Every once and a while, Reid will run around very quickly, often dashing in from the hallway or another room. At this point, she is Super Reid. It happens often at naptime or bedtime and is a not-so-subtle delaying tactic. Super Reid gives super hugs and so it is a good delaying tactic. Ken referred to Reid as Super Reid one night last week and she told him that she wasn’t Super Reid. He asked her who she was when she wasn’t Super Reid. The answer was simple, she was Reid-Reid. To be perfectly clear, Ken is Daddy-Daddy when he isn’t Super Daddy, I’m Mama-Mama and the cats are Leo-Leo and Pooka-Pook respectively. I’m not sure how good our non-superhero names are at disguising our secret identities but then again no one seemed to notice that you don’t see Clark Kent and Superman at the same time.

I’m lucky like that

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

I was able to telework today for the first time in a very long time. As I was proudly telling Ken that I would be working in my comfy clothes, he asked if I had noticed that the furnace wasn’t sounding like it was supposed to sound and that the house was cold. It was a fortunate thing that I was able to be at home for the furnace repairman to come over. I’m lucky like that. And since I have lots of warm clothes and the furnace was working enough to keep the house from being painfully cold, which was lucky in itself since the fellow didn’t turn up until 2:30. I’m lucky like that, too.

Now if I only be lucky enough for the third guy who said that he wants to come and boy my snowtires to actually show up. I’d even take the second guy, who did have the grace to call and cancel. I want to sell a bunch of Reid’s toys (yes, I still haven’t done anything about them) but the snowtire experience hasn’t been what I was hoping for.