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Pennies for the fountain

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Reid and I went to the library¬†last Saturday morning, to the branch that is housed in a building that has an indoor fountain. We chose our books and went out to the fountain. As we were “playing the piano” in the water and making other very little splashes, an older man walked up and gave us 2 pennies and a big smile. Reid was surprised and confused. Who was that man and why did he give us the “monies”? I explained that people toss pennies into fountains and make wishes. At the word “wish”, Reid closed her eyes, pursed her lips and blew. I grinned. It’s surprises me, still, when I notice this sort of cultural tradition – big and small – that are new to Reid and that I barely consider. I wished aloud that the banana bread we were planning to bake wouldn’t burn and then tossed my penny in. Reid wished that the cookies she wanted to bake wouldn’t burn either and then tossed her penny in. She might have done better to wish that we would actually bake the cookies. It’s a good thing we’re going to spend next week with Grandma Joyce so that there is a good¬†chance she’ll get to make cookies.