Where the living is easy

Our first Saturday in Wheatley passed in a whirlwind, as our first day tends to do. Ken slept in to make up for his extremely late night. I would only recommend the driving-while-the-kids-sleep method to people who aren’t going to end up at a tourist location. It takes way to much out of the one(s) who stay awake. If we were somewhere with sites to see, I’d be torn between dragging Zombie Daddy with us or going off to something cool without him.

Reid had headed to Leamington with Aunt Karin and Uncle Roger to see Kathleen by 8:30. Dylan, Zachary and a few other kids were at Uncle Chris and Aunt Darlene’s house, too. When it was time for Uncle Roger and Aunt Karin to return to their homes, they insisted that a reluctant Reid leave, too. In the driveway, though, they saw Grandma Joyce arrive and told Reid she could stay and come back with Grandma. Reid immediately turned around and went back into the house, without waiting for anyone or allowing a second thought.

Meanwhile, I was at Other Pam’s (as Reid calls her to distinguish her from Aunt Pam) getting my hair done. At home, it’s a bit of a hassle to find the necessary time for a hair appointment but when in Wheatley, I can relax and listen to the gossip. When I was done, I joined Reid and visited with Kathleen and the others for a couple of hours. I’m sad for Kathleen that she was in town because of a death in Chris’ family but glad that we were able to see her as she lives so far away. 5 plus hours after Reid arrived, I brought her back to Grandma Joyce’s and Reid still wasn’t ready to leave. Uncle Chris and Aunt Darlene sure know how to make a girl feel welcome.

I’d planned to pick Ken up and go to Shea’s hockey game but Reid insisted that she was going to stay at Grandma Joyce’s with Daddy and I should go on my own. It was all I could do to convince her that Ken would enjoy seeing my smiling face as well. When it was time to go to the arena, Reid still wanted to stay behind. When I discovered that the canteen has hotdogs, I asked Uncle Roger to drop by and make the offer to Reid. As Ken and Reid eventually turned up and she asked for a hotdog, I guess it was the right incentive. Shea’s team played well, Reid watched the game and we talked a bit about when she was going to be a hockey girl.

Ken and I went to Windsor for dinner and Reid stayed in Wheatley. Date nights are the best, don’t you think? It took us a lifetime to drive back from Windsor as there were heavy flurries, the road was *only* track bare and Essex County rarely gets snow. Driving 30-40 kilometres an hour on an 80 km road can be frustrating. But not on date night. On date night, it just causes regret over not having got a tea for the road and offers extra adult conversation time.

Reid spent time at Grandma Joyce’s with the usual cast of characters (read: I don’t know exactly who as people drift in and out) and then went to Aunt Karin’s house. Aunt Karin worries that Reid doesn’t know about the grey house Aunt Karin and Uncle Dave live in since they visit Reid at all hours at Grandma Joyce’s. Aunt Karin asked Reid what she wanted for supper and, of course, Reid chose a hamburger. She brought half to Grandma Joyce’s and had it for breakfast on Sunday. I guess when you go to restaurants other than McDonald’s, the burger can be substantial enough to lead to leftovers.

I’d sum up our first day as -it’s nice to be back in Wheatley, where the living is easy and the helpful relatives are plentiful.

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