Observations on life

At one point during our Wheatley week, Grandma Joyce accompanied Reid to the bathroom. As Reid took care of her business, Grandma Joyce perched on the edge of the bath tub. Reid noticed how gingerly Grandma Joyce sat and asked, “You’re old Grandma!” Grandma Joyce agreed that she was. Reid said, “Old for a cane sometimes, right?” And again Grandma Joyce agreed. Reid paused and then said, “But not for wheels.” Grandma laughed and agreed that she didn’t need a wheelchair.

Reid was watching an episode of  (warning: noisy site) This is Daniel Cook in which Daniel was learning to make candy canes. As I tidied the kitchen I heard the woman on the television ask what was better than sugar and, after Daniel’s disbelief that anything could be, her statement, “Liquid sugar.” Ah, yes, corn syrup is one of my weaknesses as well.

3 Responses to “Observations on life”

  1. Oh the joys of Daniel Cook! :) You’ve gotta love kids and their complete honesty.


  2. Andrea says:

    haha…those are the cutest coments ever!!! I love the things kids come up with – never fails to make me smile…or laugh! :)