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C’mon over

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Ken, Reid and I spent Saturday moving things around to allow him to have his office in the basement (again) and to allow us to create a guest room on the second floor, closer to the bathroom. The move grew out of a plan to install a toilet in the furnace room so that Grandma Joyce could sleep in the basement when she visits. Ken thought 4 toilets in a house with 3 humans – the 2 cats don’t use the toilet – was over the top. He didn’t want to discourage his mother-in-law from coming, though, and so proposed the office switch. (He is a special guy, my husband.) There will be a double bed in the guest room / sewing-scrapbooking room waiting for those people who find the futon unwelcoming or who didn’t want to try the fabulous double-bed-sized air mattress. In fact, we’re getting to the point of being able to host micro conventions once the 2 couches are factored into the mix.

Ottawa is hosting the World Junior Hockey Championship this year, I’ve had a couple of expressions of interest already. Before that, we’ll have Winterlude (if winter comes back), March break, Canada Day, Orchestras in the ParkFall Rhapsody and so much more. Book early and avoid disappointment.  ;+)