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Do you know what day it is?

Friday, January 11th, 2008

As I’ve mentioned before, Reid and I discuss what day of the week it is each morning before she gets out of bed and what will be happening that day and evening. On Wednesday, we established that it was Wednesday and a daycare day and then I asked if Reid remembered what was happening after daycare. We’d been talking about skating lessons the night before but Reid’s answer, with lots of excitement, was “Grandma and Uncle Roge are coming?!” My “No, skating lessons!” lost a bit of its oomph in the silence that followed. Thursday morning went much the same with our weekly visit to Melissa’s pale in comparison to the possibility of Grandma and Uncle Roger’s imminent arrival.

This morning, I was more prepared and opened with “When you wake up tomorrow, Grandma and Uncle Roger will be here,” before mentioning tonight’s swimming lessons. I sure hope that the weather is good for driving tonight because Reid is more than ready to see Grandma and Uncle Roger. I haven’t mentioned Aunt Lisa or Brock as I’m not as confident that they’ll make an appearance and a couple of surprise guests are better for Reid than the disappointment of last-minute cancellations.