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Family Literacy Week has begun

Monday, January 21st, 2008

When I was noodling around for information about Family Literacy Day – this coming Sunday, if you’re keeping track – and I learned that many people celebrate the full week. It’s a bit like a kid’s birthday that goes on and on, I guess. Still the Centre for Expertise in Family Literacy site had activities for each day worth sharing with you and trying myself. They have activities for 0-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-13 year olds and their families. Reid, Ken and I will be trying:

* Monday – My Story: use family photos to make a book and read it together
* Tuesday – Puppet pal: Make a puppet using a sock or wooden spoon and do different voices and tell nursery rhymes (Today’s Parent has ideas if you’re stuck)
* Wednesday – Goop: Mix cornstarch with water to make a thick sauce. They don’t say this, but it would be fun trace letters in the goop if your child knows how to make letters or you could guide her/his hand.
* Thursday – Book look: Visit the public library and get a library card for your child. We renewed Reid’s library card in September as part of the Every Kid a Card campaign but she likes visiting the library whenever the opportunity arises.
* Friday – Moo Baa Fun: Sing Old MacDonald or other favourite animal songs
* Weekend – Clap, Snap, Tap: Dance to loud and soft music, dancing according to the rhythm. Clap or tap as singing a favourite song or nursery rhyme.

Some of the ideas for 4-6 year olds appeal to me, too, like playing I Spy for things that begin or end with the same sound, tracing the letters of Reid’s name using playdough snakes, and acting out a favourite story. I wonder if Reid would be able to help tell a story based on toys we pulled out of a bag. This sounds like an early version of the silly, collaborative stories that we did in school.

I’m planning to cheat a bit for today’s activity. Reid and I won’t get back from gymnastics until 6:45. I’ll read to Reid from a book that I’ve put together about watching sheep-shearing, baking cookies with Grandma Joyce and skating with the Sens or one about our trip to San Diego. We’ll make a new one together this coming weekend.

Edited to add link to the official site for Family Literacy Day.