Guilt-free confession and a good word

I gave Reid a piece of apple pie for breakfast on Tuesday.

I had baked an apple pie on Sunday evening. By the time we’d eaten supper on Monday after gymnastics, it was 7:00 and time for Reid to go to bed. She deserved her share, I thought. I may have also thought about how I prefer to eat apple pie when it is fresh and I definitely joined her in eating pie. We had it with vanilla yogurt and also a glass of milk. I’m not entirely unaware of healthful eating, you know.

As she drank the milk, Reid asked me if she had a “milkstache”. She did have a “milkstache”, I acknowledged and filed this away as a Reid-ism that was better than the existing word. Some neologisms fill a void in the English language and this one works for me.

3 Responses to “Guilt-free confession and a good word”

  1. Around here, I’ve been known to serve chocolate chip cookies for breakfast on birthdays. And just yesterday, I was forced to eat a rice krispie treat for breakfast because it was on the verge of going stale. I wouldn’t want to waste food like that. Thank you for your comment on being a “helpful Mom”…your pictures below are great!

  2. SoloMother says:

    Huzzah! We’re not alone in our pie for breakfast binges! We use the white, whole wheat flour in our crust, and not a lot of sugar, so I feel pretty good about doing such a wonderful, crazy thing on occasion. Go us!