Scammed by Pixman or just twice unlucky?

Update: The folks at Pixman noticed this post and have sent me my photos. I’d say watch out for them at special events and ask them to take your pic. 

A couple of weekends ago at Winterlude, I was delighted when a guy with a digital camera in his hands and a computer screen over his head offered to take a picture of Reid and me on Saturday, February 16th. I had taken some good pictures of Reid but it’s hard to get both of us in a shot that has any context at all. When the guy from Pixman walked up and offered to take our picture and email it, I accepted immediately. We offered some charming smiles, at least as I remember them, and he took our picture and then asked for my email address. I provided it and wandered off thinking how I’d write about the encounter and recommend that everyone be on the lookout for the Pixman people at major events. I was quite impressed with the National Capital Commission for bringing them to Winterlude.

On Sunday the 17th, as we walked through the Casino du Lac-Leamy Crystal Garden to see the ice sculptures, I saw another Pixman fellow and walked Ken and Reid over to get a picture of the three of us. If a picture of Reid and me is unusual, a pictuer of Ken, Reid AND me is rare. We smiled nicely, I’m sure of it though I have no proof, and then I gave the man my email address. Both Ken and I verified it on the big screen over the man’s head.

Two weeks later, we haven’t received any photos by email. At first we thought maybe they’re busy or maybe they wait until the end of Winterlude. Okay, that last bit seems silly since sending the pictures would allow them to reuse the memory cards or whatever but it’s not nice to think you’ve been duped. Maybe Pixman really was intending to send me pictures rather than just harvest my email address but two weeks on, I’m having my doubts.

Did anyone attend Winterlude and have your picture taken by a Pixman person? Did you get your pictures sent to you? Here’s a photo of the Pixman fellow who took our picture, if you’re wondering who to watch out for.

Pixman event photographer at Winterlude

3 Responses to “Scammed by Pixman or just twice unlucky?”

  1. Sosunaolata says:

    That Pixman is an odd thing, I had never seen that before.


  2. Hello Barbara,
    We understand your concern and let us assure you that the pictures from the Winterlude event were sent within a week after the event, as a complimentary souvenir from NCC. The Pixman teams had a really good time with you and all Winterlude festival-goers. Because pictures were taken so you could remember this special event, it will be our pleasure to find your picture and sent it back to you. I invite you to contact me at Please include in your email the email address(es) you gave to the Pixman ambassadors during Winterlude. Thank you. We hope to see again at next year’s edition.
    Isabelle Grégoire
    Communications, Pixman Corporation