When Ken has to be me on the weekend

I went to bed last Friday night feeling a bit dizzy (dizzier than usual, my husband would say ;+) but not too worried. By Saturday morning, the labrynthitis that I’ve been experiencing off and on since Reid was small was back with a vengeance. Reid, Ken and I hunted for the medication I’d been prescribed the second time I’d had trouble. I knew it was in my green belly bag but the bag wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Not only could I not find my prescription medication but I had to deal with the guilt of losing track of medication with a child in the house.

Ken had spent some time trying to remember where he’d last seen the green bag while I searched through likely places. Ken got up, went downstairs for just a moment and then returned with my bag. He works smarter, not harder, my husband.

After the medication had time to take effect, I felt bit woozy but well enough to take Reid to Kindermusik. Ken had hurried through his morning ritual and was ready to step into the breach. It was good, in retrospect, that he had the time to work while we were away for Kindermusik and lunch and also through naptime because Sunday turned out to be a bit of a write-off. Normally, Ken is all ours on the weekend but he had a killer deadline on a work project.

The vertigo I was experiencing was even worse of Sunday. Ken bathed Reid and she didn’t cry when he washed her hair, she seems to save the tears for when I’m doing it although I don’t believe I’m rough when it’s my turn. Ken took Reid off to get her picture taken at Loblaws. She delivered some pretty smiles and also a silly grin with her tongue sticking out. I may have to send him with her again. (Just kidding, Ken.) I managed to watch Reid for an hour while Ken got some work done before he had to take her to a birthday party.

Not just any birthday party but one for a girl turning 4, who chose the local indoor wave pool. One where the parents should be in the pool with their kids but weren’t always. Party rooms are echo-y places, small children move so quickly that they seem to multiply and the excitement of the party makes them loud. I was sad to have missed it. No, really.

During the swimming portion of the party, Reid spent much of her time playing with L, her best friend from daycare, but also with other daycare friends. In fact, Ken was in charge of 1 or more extra little girls for most of the afternoon as some parents, who have different opinion on such things and I try to respect these difference, had just dropped their kids off at the party. If I ruled the world of kids’ parties, I would require that children under 6 wear lifejackets when they were in the pool area at a party without their parent and it would still be recommended if their parent were there. Even Ken was knocked off balance by a wave at one point, fortunately when Reid was wearing a life jacket and he had only her to watch. There are many life guards around the pool but it’s just not a chance worth taking. Not that I’m saying that I would let Reid have a swimming party until after she was 6…

Are you wondering what it would be like if I were Ken for the weekend? I’d be cleaning the house, doing the laundry (the very idea would make Reid laugh) and maybe fixing something around the house, in addition to his daily tasks of clearing up after meals, cleaning litterboxes, etc. Ken keeps us out of total chaos, despite Reid’s and my efforts to the contrary.

Have a great weekend. I’m hoping for one filled with health and no dizziness.

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