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Reid really loves gymnastics

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I’ve written before about how much Reid likes her gymnastics classes but I thought the following showed just how true it is. Ken was driving Reid to class on Monday when she told him, “My bones are breaking. I miss gymnastics so much.” Only a kid who really, really likes gymnastics would feel like their bones are breaking for the missing of it.

The other little girl in Reid’s class asked Reid what her name was. Reid buried her face and wouldn’t speak. I told L Reid’s name. L ran to her dad and reported that the name was “Rita”. Reid heard, too, and said, “It’s okay if she calls me “‘Rita’. That’s my nickname now.” I protested that her nickname is Reidie. Reid, however, didn’t seem to think the mixup was a matter for concern. When L came back into the room where we were sitting, I told her what Reid’s name actually was. All of a sudden I understand why Grandma Joyce was so particular about making sure that people called me “Barbara” instead of “Barb”. I chose Reid’s name carefully and spent a lot of time convincing Ken it was the right choice before she was even born. Since her birth, I have said “Reid” millions of times, in love, laughter, exasperation, worry, pride, and so many more emotions.

Unfortunately, the eager anticipation of gymnastics didn’t seem to translate into rapt attention to her coach or absolute obedience. Reid was running in circles rather than simply making the circles with her arms, lying down for parts of the warmup that didn’t require a prone position and that sort of thing. With the memory of those outstanding wild boys and the non-involved parents from the last session fresh in our minds, Ken and I decided I should intervene. I went out and told Reid that she needed to translate her excitement into good listening. Reid’s lower lip stuck out and her eyes looked sad and regretful. She wanted a hug. She needed water. Yes, I was making it worse, it seemed. After the drink, Reid went back to her class and, I think, she paid better attention after that. At the end of the class, I spoke to the coach. She said that the two girls fed on each other and that I shouldn’t worry too much. Still, we’ll talk about the importance of using “listening ears” during class.

The next night at supper, I told Reid that she needed to finish her milk because it is important for healthy teeth and bones. Reid nodded, this nothing new, and asked if gymnastics was important for healthy bones, too. I told her that they were. It’s like Reid has read the information about how to prevent osteoporosis. No weak bones for my daughter!

Okay, now go have a glass of milk and exercise.