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Cat songs and rhymes

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

One morning this week, Reid watched part of Play with Me, Sesame and there was a segment of that involved 3 kittens. On the way to daycare, remembering it, I recited Three Little Kittens for Reid (but not all of the verses as in that link). Of course, she wanted another cat rhyme and I offered Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been? and the the little bit from *Animal Serenade*, a book from a previous Kindermusik class: “Mrs Cat runs through the garden. Oopsy-daisy, beg your pardon.” At Reid’s call for another cat rhyme, I asked Ken for an idea. It was kind of desperate. Ken doesn’t have the same store of rhymes, songs and commercial jingles rattling around in his head.

I switched to songs. When I started singing the “The Kitty-Cats Party”, Ken asked if doggies would be there, too, and Reid said “no” immediately. I hadn’t even got to Spotty, Duke and Rover yet. I sang the cat’s song from *Animal Serenade*, “Hush little doggy, hush little cat. Cuddle up now and take a nap.” Reid laughed a bit and said, “no doggies!” At that, though, I was out of songs.

I told Grandma Joyce about it and asked her if she had any other rhymes or songs since she is the source of most of my songs. She mentioned a song and I promptly lost the title and lyrics from my head. It might have been Has anybody seen my kitty? Has anybody seen my cat? because that is what I came to my mind when I told Reid about Grandma Joyce having told me a song that I couldn’t remember.

I’ll take any other suggestions for cat rhymes and songs you might have.