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Because I’m gullible like that

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Reid asked for oatmeal-oatmeal, aka “hot cereal” and “the kind Grandma Joyce makes”, for breakfast one day this week. I’d offered her apple-oatmeal and raisin-oatmeal, the kind in packages that my friends at Quaker make for her. She is still missing Grandma Joyce, though, and I thought that Reid was seeking closeness through special food. I agreed, all soft-hearted, and as I went to the kitchen Reid said that she’d have time to watch a show while I cooked. Hmmm, was there an ulterior motive in that request? Still, I prepared the oatmeal. By the time I got the oatmeal on the table, something had happened and Reid wanted to wait to have oatmeal for supper.

We’ve had hot cereal a few more times this week. It makes me feel close to Grandma Joyce to cook it. I hope Reid feels closer to her when she eats it.