Giant Tiger, big fear of tigers

Reid and I went to Fabricland last night, hoping to take advantage of the buy 1 meter, get 2 metres free sale. A couple of doors down from Fabricland is a Giant Tiger store with a great big, smiling tiger face on the sign. Once, almost a year ago, when we were in a Giant Tiger store, a clerk told us that it was too bad that we hadn’t been in earlier because there had been *a tiger in the store*, this last delivered in an excited voice. Apparently the experience is burned in Reid’s memory because as soon as she saw the tiger sign, she told me that she didn’t want to go in the tiger store. I assured her we weren’t and parked far from the Giant Tiger. Reid kept talking about the tiger and how she doesn’t like tigers in stores when we were first fabric hunting. I explained that the clerk in the other store had been referring to a person dressed as a tiger but Reid didn’t look convinced. Or maybe it just didn’t matter one way or the other. She isn’t very keen on mascots, generally. I think that might be a good thing – why trust a person you can’t see just because they have a big head and plush or soft body?

We didn’t find any buy one, get two fabric that we liked but I did find some 75% off drapery fabric that was suitable. I want to use make some produce bags, like Andrea at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl suggested. I’m also going to make a table cloth. The drapery fabric is much better than the cotton I was looking for would have been. Reid was well-behaved while we shopped and super good for the 15-20 minutes we were at the cashier. There was only one person ahead of us but the cashier was having lots of difficulties. I think maybe I would have bought Reid a treat as a reward but we would have had to go to Giant Tiger to pick it up ;+)

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