Reid on relationships

I reminded recently Reid that we would be going to Grandma Joyce’s house later this month. I must not have said “Joyce”, though, because she asked , “To see my grandma with no grandpa.” I agreed that was one way to describe her and mentioned that Poppa Howard’s picture hangs on the wall by the stairs. Reid knows this, we talk about Poppa Howard relatively often. She asked Ken where the picture of his dad is. Ken managed to answer without saying “He’s not dead.” I guess it might be time to get some pictures printed *and* framed *and* hung on the wall. (It makes me tired just to think of it ;+) Maybe I’ll set her up to look at a slideshow of photos on my computer.

Clerk: Do you have a sister?
Reid: No. (Clearly not interested in the question)
Clerk: Do you have a brother?
Reid: No. (Wondering why the woman isn’t taking the hint)
Clerk: Why not?
Reid: Because my mama didn’t have 2 babies. (I’m pretty sure that Reid was wondering if the lady should be holding those sharp scissors since she seemed less than bright)
Clerk: It’s not too late.
Me: Yes, it is. We have a fabulous, one and only child. (Begin speaking with Reid on another topic entirely)

Why do people insist on involving Reid in discussions around my fertility and family-planning? Remember that lady from Hallowe’en, she should hook up with the fabric cutting clerk. It could be the same person, I suppose. I read a blog post about dealing with inappropriate questions at work this week and they recommended saying something about like, “It’s not in the cards,” when asked about having (more) kids. That seems a bit like an apology or an expression of regret. We have one child because that’s how many we wanted and, thanks to modern medical science we can control, we can cause this to be. Oops, I guess I should get off of my soap box now.

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    Reid on relationships « Tales of life with a girl on the go

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    Reid on relationships « Tales of life with a girl on the go

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    Reid on relationships « Tales of life with a girl on the go