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Girls are tougher

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

The family change rooms at Reid’s swimming lessons were outrageously hot and humid last week. Ken and I concentrated on not melting while we got Reid changed into her swim suit. After having sat through the half-hour lesson in the heat and humidity of the pool deck where there was at least some air circulation, going back to the change rooms was a challenge. I took pity on Ken who was more warmly dressed and suggested he wait in the hall. Reid, on the other hand, was chilled from the pool and wanted to lay on the bench under her towel to warm up. I was questioning the sanity of people who voluntarily go in steam rooms. Oh, and I was also hurrying Reid to get her pajamas on. When she was finally dressed, Reid asked where Ken was. I told her that the heat had made him feel sick and he had gone to wait in the hall. Reid said, “You and me are only a little bit sick because we’re girls. Girls are tougher.” Reid’s daddy is plenty tough, though, and I told her so.