Fingernails, farms and fun

I had an appointment at an esthetician in Leamington and Aunt Karin came along to entertain Reid. Or at least I thought she was coming along as the entertainment, it turned out that she was offering Reid an adventure all of her own. I dropped them off at Aunt Karin’s usual nail salon and Reid got lime green polish on her fingernails and even flowers painted on a couple. After they called to be picked up, Reid noticed that the flowers on her fingernails didn’t have centres. They went back in for the centres and when I picked them up Reid was standing with clawed hands to protect her recently painted nails. Reid was very proud and protective of her fingernails. I think I might have a bottle of nailpolish at home, but only one. I’ll have to add “painting Reid’s nails” to the list of things we can do for fun when Ken isn’t home. Or maybe I should add it to the list of things Ken can do with Reid since he has much better hand-eye coordination than me and could probably keep most of the polish on her nails.

On the way back to Grandma Joyce’s, Reid renewed her questioning about when we would be returning to “Dylan’s farm”. I explained that we would be eating lunch at Grandma’s and visiting there first. Grandma Joyce had made spaghetti and rice as well as meat sauce to put on top. Reid had some of both. She has developed a fondness for “spaghetti rice”, a family favourite, and we can use the term even though there is no spaghetti involved. Ken had planned to stay with Reid until just before supper so that she didn’t feel abandoned while I was to attend Brianna and George’s wedding but Reid was too excited by the prospect of going to the farm to wait. We changed our plans and took Reid to the farm. Melissa, Roy and the boys arrived just after us. Reid right in and was soon saying, “Bye, Mama. Bye, Daddy.” We, meanwhile, were speaking briefly with Grandma Linda. The phrase, “Don’t let the door hit you on the bum on the way out,” came to mind. She walked us out and waved happily, happy to get us out of the way so that she could get on with the fun.

After the wedding and in the middle of the reception, which I am going to write about separately, Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin went to get Reid and bring her back to Grandma Joyce’s house. Aunt Karin said that Reid woke up when she picked her up and stayed awake on the drive, with big eyes taking everything in but not speaking. Reid refused the offer of the bathroom and went straight into the toddler bed where she lay quietly with eyes open for about 10 minutes. Then, she was fast asleep once again and stayed that way until 6:30 on Sunday morning.

Reid wouldn’t tell us much about the time she spent with Dylan and Zachary and their grandparents. Grandma Joyce found out that they saw 3 deer on a walk to the pond but I don’t know if Reid let that slip or if it was Grandma Linda or Grandpa Jerry that told her. Reid did tell us that they had pasta and meat sauce for supper and that they had watched a movie. She wouldn’t provide details on what movie or what she thought of it. I asked her if she had eaten any treats but she kept mum on the subject. That’s “kid survival tip #1″, I suppose.  What happens at Grandma’, stays at Grandma’s. Even if it isn’t your grandma’s. Since she asked me why Dylan and Zachary had been allowed to stay over night while she had been brought home, I have to conclude that whatever she did was enjoyable.

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