Just the facts – it’s safest that way

Aunt Karin sent the following to tell me what Reid was up to while Ken and I were away. 

On the way to Kathleen’s bridal shower or “pajama party” as Reid called it, Aunt Lisa mentioned something about Dylan being there.  Reid informed her that he couldn’t be because it was just for girls.  Aunt Lisa tried to say that since Dylan was the ring bearer maybe he would be allowed to be there but Reid was adamant that he couldn’t be there.  She didn’t say she wanted or didn’t want him to be there, just that he wasn’t allowed.  As we were arriving, Uncle Chris was leaving and Reid was very concerned about where he had to go while the party was on and he was not allowed to stay at his house.  Uncle Chris came and told her he’d be fine and where he was going and this seemed to satisfy her.  Once we got in the house in our pj’s, one of Reid’s cousins gave her a pair of brand new slippers and she was off. Cheyenne, a niece of Chris and Darlene’s was there and  Reid followed her around until it was time for Kathleen to open presents, then Reid had to take up her duty as one of the attendants and pass Kathleen her presents to open.  She took her job seriously and didn’t even want to help open them.

After  the present opening and the eating were done, it was time to go home. Once in the car, we started seeing all kinds of firework displays and had to park and watch a few times on our way home. Reid was very curious to know why people did that in their backyard and what they sounded like so we had to roll down the windows so she could hear them too. After awhile she said “okay we can go now Aunt Karin”, so we did.  I asked her how she liked the bridal shower and she said “but she didn’t have a shower?”  So I explained as best as I could how when someone gets married and we give them lots of presents that’s called showering them with presents.  I then told her that when someone is having a baby, we have a party to give them lots of presents for the baby and we call this a baby shower.  So she says “Oh, so Kathleen has a baby in her tummy.”  I think that was a case of Aunt Karin explaining too many things when not required.  I told her that Kathleen wasn’t having a baby but that when she was she would have a baby shower.  When we got back to Grandma Joyce’s, Aunt Lisa was waiting for us and wondering where we’d been.  She left after us, dropped Megan off and still arrived at Grandma’s before us.  She never stopped to watch the fireworks display as we did.

Once home, there was an impressive display of fireworks across the street that we watched sitting at Grandma Joyce’s picnic table in the backyard.  Since you’ve probably figured out, if we were watching fireworks then it was way past her bedtime, you’re right.  So we took her in and put her to bed without a compalint and she woke up at 9:30 Monday morning.

On Monday, Aunt Lisa, Reid, Megan, Damien, Uncle Chris, Melissa, Roy, Dylan, Zachary, Sari, Jason, his dog (Maya) and I don’t think anyone else, went to Point Pelee for a big part of the day.  You’ll have to ask them what they did.  I went over later to Grandma Joyce’s and I know Reid and a few others walked over to Captain’s Corner for an ice cream before bath and bedtime.

Tuesday morning, I had a visitor come to see where I work and what picture was on my monitor.  We tried my glasses on her to see if she still looked the same because she said that picture was from a long time ago.

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