Touch a Truck event – Mark your calendars

Mothercraft Ottawa-Carleton is holding their 1st Annual Touch-a-Truck event on Father’s Day (June 15). The flyer I read promises “big trucks, specialty vehicles, horns, sirens and smiling faces”.   Now, I’m not just talking about a semi or two. No, Mothercraft Ottawa-Carleton is promising:

*  Fire trucks
*  Garbage trucks
*  Tow trucks
*  Construction trucks
*  Police trucks
*  Farm vehicles
*  Broadcast trucks
*  Road crew trucks
*  Military trucks
*  Hauling trucks
*  Recreational trucks

The children will be able to climb in to the trucks to see how they look and feel. They’ll be able to talk to the  drivers about the trucks and their jobs and Mothercraft will provide a “passport” for the kids to use to record the  trucks they visit. (Not that we haven’t always lost the passports at the Children’s Museum.) There was mention of having pictures taken but it wasn’t clear if there will be someone there to take the photos or if it will be up to the individual.

There will also be other activities, such as crafts, face painting photos, barbecue and a “surprise guest with a very special truck”. The first 100 kids will receive a toy truck to take home with them.

If you’re in or near Ottawa, I highly recommend taking your children to see this event. Reid had a great time in December when we went to Uncle John’s shop to see his semi truck and trailers. The vehicles were massive and awe-inspiring for that but also for the little bedroom in the back of the cab, the floating driver’s seat and the horn. Especially the horn! I can only imagine what she’ll think about all of the trucks at this event.

I wonder if the Mothercraft people will also be talking about safety around big trucks. The placards that some trucks bear that read “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.”  always make me extra conscious when I’m driving. And since I know this factoid, I’ll share it, too: If ever you see a truck carrying chemicals/dangerous goods in an accident, you can report the spill by dialing *666 from your cell phone. Knowing the numbers from the red diamond placard would identify what was being carried and what safety precautions were needed.

The event takes place on June 15 from 9:00 to 13:00 at the Westgate Shopping Centre parking lot. The cost is $5 per child to a maximum of $20 for a family. Dads (and moms) get in free. Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

If you’re not familiar with the Canadian Mothercraft Society, they are a non-profit, charitable organization that serves children, their families, their teachers and their comminity to ensure that, regardless of where children begin in life, they are on a path to reach their full potential. The Mothercraft Ottawa-Carleton site offers: Mothercraft has been helping families grow and thrive through its many programs in the City of Ottawa since 1944.

The Touch-a-Truck event flyer reports that they are sponsored by 105.3 KISS fm, the Ottawa Citizen, Rogers television 22. I don’t know what they’ll bring but it seems a “thanks” is in order for helping this event to happen.

17 Responses to “Touch a Truck event – Mark your calendars”

  1. Burgh Baby says:

    That is one serious conglomeration of trucks. Wow!

  2. Barbara says:

    I have to admit that I’m interested in seeing them myself. I think we’ll offer Ken the chance to sleep in that day.

  3. Danigirl says:

    What fun! Thanks for the tip!

  4. I have to admit that I’m interested in seeing them myself. I think we’ll offer Ken the chance to sleep in that day.

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  10. Now, I’m not just talking about a semi or two. No, Mothercraft Ottawa-Carleton is promising:

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