Our farm fresh family

When we were in Wheatley, Aunt Karin was asking Brock about a recent trip to the dentist. She asked if the folks at the dentist’s office called him “Brock-oli” and told him that they’d seen his “Aunt Kar-rot” recently. Reid laughed at the puns. Brock didn’t seem quite as amused. Aunt Karin decided that Reid should be called “Cele-Reid”. Reid wanted Aunt Karin to assign a name to me and so they decided I would be “Rhu-Barb”. It took a few days to land on “Ken-taloupe” for Ken. It’s obvious in the end but we were stuck in vegetables for too long.

What would be your fruit or vegetable name?

2 Responses to “Our farm fresh family”

  1. Karin says:

    Excuse me, wasn’t today Wordless Wednesday??? I’m still waiting to see mani pics!