Also Known As

It seems we’re in a phase of developing aliases for our family members. The other day Reid and I were talking about something or other and Reid referred to Ken as a “dude”. It amused me a bit, especially since I don’t know where it came from. When we got home, she wanted Ken to take her for a bike ride. She offered a charming smile and said, “Handsome Dude, will you take me for a bike ride?” Ken didn’t hear the compliment but agreed to the bike ride anyway. I helpfully repeated the “handsome dude” reference, though, as I thought it was sweet. I’d certainly want to know if someone had called me “Beautiful Mama.”

On Wednesday morning, as we drove to daycare, Reid began talking about Grandma Joyce as “grandma with old bones”. I’m not sure if this moniker is better than “grandma with no grandpa“, which is another way she refers to Grandma Joyce but maybe it is. Before swimming lessons, Reid picked up the “old bones” conversation thread. ¬†She asked if I had old bones. “I do,” I said, “but not as old as grandma’s”. Reid nodded and asked, “What about Daddy?” I agreed that his bones were old, older than mine but younger than Grandma Joyce’s. (Look, I worked in a math lesson of sorts.) The people sitting near us were quite amused by the exchange. I’m always glad to provide entertainment to my fellows, which is a good thing since it happens so often when I’m with Reid.

3 Responses to “Also Known As”

  1. SoloMother says:

    I love that! My son,when he was a wee thing, always used to say that his great grandmother was Big Old. And all the people at the nursing home where she lived were Fragile Pedestrians.

  2. Karin says:

    Barbara, The expression “handsome dude” comes from “the grandma with the old bones”, she called Adam and Shea “handsome dudes” and Reid asked her to explain. Hope she always listens to “grandma with the old bones” so well. Ahhh, then again there might be some things that happen in Wheatley that should just stay in Wheatley ;)