Broken Nail Fairy wanted

Ken and I both went to pick Reid up from daycare¬†on Tuesday¬†night. She feels extra important when we both go. On the way home, I noticed that she had broken her thumbnail and I counselled her not to pull on it. I said that I’d trim it when we got home. Reid asked, “And then I’ll put it under my pillow.” I laughed a bit at the image that came to mind but then had to undertake the sad task of explaining that there was no “broken nail fairy” who would exchange cash for that part of her thumbnail. Being the enterprising sort, Reid wondered how long it would be before her teeth started falling out. I said that I hoped it would be at least 2 years. I might have to help her find a part-time job rather than seeing her selling body parts for cash (which is what the tooth fairy seems to be about). What sorts of jobs are good for an almost-4 year old?

And, no, Reid hasn’t been asking me repeatedly to buy her anything lately that I’ve refused to buy. I’m not sure why she wants the money.

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