Swimming lessons have begun again

Reid has just started her first lesson of the session. She  didn’t protest when it was time to shower and has had a big smile on her face since we got to the pool. There are 4 kids in her class: 2 other girls and a boy. All of the girls require assistance jumping in but Reid is sooo close to doing it by herself. The teacher didn’t introduce the kids to each other. I caught a couple of their names but the one girl must have an “exotic” name because the teacher couldn’t read it aloud and the girl spoke too softly when asked to say it.

I haven’t managed to get groceries yet this week (other than tuna, peppers, carrots and a box of cheese and macaroni) and there doesn’t seem to be much sense now. We had lots for supper yesterday but my cupboard was kind of bare when I tried to make Reid’s supper. I brought soup in a thermos for me and will have to buy a second thermos for Reid. She would have eaten soup, I imagine. Instead she had some carrots and Craisins that I’d packed and a hot dog from Harvey’s and I ate a few onion rings. I threw most of them away, though. (I haven’t been making the best food choices lately but throwing some away seemed like a good idea.) Reid wasn’t willing to try them and that is probably a good thing.

Reid asked to go to the library as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. It made me realize how long it has been since we’ve been there. I haven’t gone at lunch since I started French training and it’s been at least a month since I went at any time. It’ll be good to get back in the habit. We’re in a bit of a rut in terms of what books we’re reading at home and library books are good for their novelty even if not for their plots.  And sometimes the plots are good! I miss reading Denise Fleming but Reid doesn’t seem to enjoy them as much. Or maybe she just prefers the chapter books because they help to delay bedtime. I’ll look for a couple and try them as before-day care and waiting-for-supper books.

This week has seemed more of a challenge than last week. I’m not sure what is different exactly – perhaps the long weekend away was more tiring or maybe it’s the lack of adrenaline (since I’m not rushing to buy Reid’s flower girl basket and prepare for a weekend away). There is nothing wrong, exactly, it’s more like how walking in sand is more difficult than walking on a sidewalk. The no-plans weekend that I have planned will be a welcome break and there will be many events to choose from if we decide we want to leave the house. Leo and Clio will appreciate a weekend with us in the house, at their disposal for petting. The garden will be very grateful for any attention we can give it. There are tomatoes that, from the kitchen window at least, seem to be ready to pick and rhubarb that is just begging to be made into a pie. Who knows what else is lurking back there?

Update: Reid jumped into the deep end unassisted, while wearing a life jacket. She wouldn’t repeat the feat in the shallow end once the life jacket was removed. Also, we signed out 50 books (only 2 for me) from the library. We have much reading ahead of us, eh? Now to avoid late fees…

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