Lazy girl

Reid declared herself too lazy to get out of bed this morning. She wasn’t troubled or regretful in the least. In fact, she seemed content with the state of affairs. She was too lazy to get up and so would be missing day care. Oh, well. I was much less laiss√©-faire about the matter and insisted she get up.

I suppose that I have to take some of the blame since I was the one who insisted we have a “lazy day” yesterday. It took a bit of convincing for Reid to agree that it would be a good thing to do nothing that required us to get dressed all day. I was doing my homework when Reid woke up and she wanted to do homework, too. She joined me on the floor and I realized what bad posture and habit I have in slouching on the floor to work when I saw her mimicing me. I got Reid’s desk from her room and moved my things to the desk where our computer sits and we did more work until my tummy demanded food more loudly than Reid protested when I said we should take a break for breakfast.

On the way downstairs, Reid asked for pancakes. Since pancakes seemed to be a good lazy day breakfast, I agreed. Of course we had no eggs and we needed to go to the store to get some. I needed to get dressed before we went to the store; Reid decided she’d put on clothes, too, and so our pajama day didn’t last very long. We got eggs and some school shoes for Reid from Zellers and went home to make what could only be called brunch by then.

We read many books, watched a bit of the Olympics and some¬†kids shows and even did some more homework. I pulled the worst of the weeds in the vegetable garden and Reid harvested 7-8 cherry tomatoes. I’m not sure since there was never any question of sharing any with me. I picked some rhubarb for cake. Our most ambitious undertakings were to bake a rhubarb cake and cook curry and rice for supper. I was wishing there was curry in the freezer to reheat but that would have been a bit decadent I guess.

I could understand why Reid wanted today to be another lazy day. It was lovely to have a do-nothing day. But I’m not willing to give up our museum trips, special events and travelling altogether.

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  1. Ambajam says:

    A lazy day sounds just wonderful. I’ll have to add that to my schedule. :) It’s good to be able to do that every now and then.

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