What’s your name again?

I was speaking with one of the teachers last night and she called a not-Reid child “Reid”. The little girl said I’m “R” and continued with what she was doing. I mentioned the mix up and Christina said that she does it all of the time and always feels bad about it. We reminisced about our moms mixing us up with our siblings. Christina said that her mom would change her brother’s name to hers midway through, coming up with interesting blended names. I recounted how Grandma Joyce would say “ChrisPamRogerKarinLisa, whoever the heck you are”. Sometimes she would drop a kid or two but I don’t think she ever said my name. Poor me. I don’t remember if she started over again with “MelissaSariBrianna, whoever the heck you are” or if she moved straight to calling them “Pudding” or “Baby”. It seems to me that Reid gets “Reidie” most of the time. Sometimes she has to respond to “Dylan”, though.

You would think that Reid would only be called “Reid” at home but you would be wrong. I’ve been known to call her Clio or Leo. They respond as well to Reid’s name as well as they do to their own – which is to say, when it suits them and especially if food is involved.

Have a good night, whatever they call you at your house. ;+)

2 Responses to “What’s your name again?”

  1. Karin says:

    For the record, she did go through the grandchildren’s names too. And on a sadder note, I do the same thing to my children and even my sisters especially now that Lisa is in the picture much more often ;)