Happy (belated) birthday, Brianna

Happy birthday Brianna! You were on my mind often yesterday but, unfortunately, not on my fingertips. Reid and I are having on last staycation of the summer and yesterday was a busy day. Here are a few thoughts for you on your birthday:

* I remember your mom being pregnant with you. I don’t remember Aunt Marie being pregnant with Melissa or Sari (Sorry, girls, my memory is awful and I *was* really young.) I anticipated your arrival a great deal and, I have to say, you were well worth the wait.
* You are the first child I recall being breastfed. At the time, I thought it was sweet and a bit yucky at times but once I had Reid, I was so glad that you had showed me that babies love and need breastmilk and that it is normal.
* I remember sleeping with my hand on your back while you slept in your crib while I was babysitting. I didn’t want anything to happen to you while I was in charge. Okay, in charge perhaps overstates the case but I was watching over you.
* I felt that same sense of responsibility when you came to live with us to attend Carleton. I hope you didn’t feel so closely watched, though, I did remind myself that you had grown a bit over the years. If ever you need me, I can still watch over you. Or a little baby you might have (no pressure, I am just saying “if ever…”)
* I enjoyed having the 8 months together when you lived in Ottawa. We are kindred spirits, I think. Except for the engineering. I don’t understand that stuff at all! Still, we spent lots of hours shopping, crocheting, knitting and being together and they were good hours.
* I like how our hair ends up at the same length or style quite often with no coordination. It makes me think that we have some link. The question I am left with, though, is are we in style together or just in the same style? ;+)
* I think that you have amazing self-confidence. Returning to high school to radically change your education and work paths took a lot of determination. Bravo for you.
* I like how you look after your siblings, even when they don’t think that your assistance is required. I think that is what big sisters are supposed to do.
* I like that you chose my anniversary to be married on. Now you will always remember to mention the upcoming joyous occasion and I, in turn, will remember to get a card and present for Ken. Really, not all nieces would be that thoughtful. You really do go above and beyond.
* Choosing a man with relatives in Ottawa was wise and full of foresight. Who knew all of those years ago when you picked George up (it sounded a bit like stalking in Chantelle’s wedding speech but who is to say) that it would work out so well?

Happy birthday, Brianna. I hope that this is a fabulous year for you.

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