Super Dad

You know the commercials where the inept father is responsible for his kids and ends up: (a) taking them to a fast food restaurant; (b) feeding them something prepared from frozen; or (c) make a mess of the kitchen and requiring an amazing new cleaning product. Often in the course of the commercial, one of the kids mentions that the mom doesn’t do things in a certain way or that point is made without words. Ken always said that his answer would be – in an ominous tone – “I’m not Mom.” (Or maybe those commercials aren’t on any more. Since we’ve had our pvr, we fast forward through the commercials.)

In any case, lately I’ve had my shortcomings in any comparison with Ken pointed out. The conversations go something like this:

Me: Reid, be careful. The waffle iron it too hot for you to touch it.
Reid: It’s not too hot for Daddy to touch.
Me: Yes, it is. Daddy would have to be careful, too.
Reid: You have to be really careful but Daddy has to be only a little bit careful.

Variations have occurred over ability to reach things on high shelves, find places we’ve never been to, time taken to complete a given task. I never come out in the most favourable light.

Reid’s new favourite song is, not surprisingly, Super Dad by Peanut Butter and Jam.

It’s rough on a Mama’s ego, being so thoroughly displaced ;+)

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