Beginnings and endings

Reid hasn’t said too much about being done day care. When I’ve mentioned it, she just says that she will be going back to visit.The teachers were all misty-eyed when we said good bye. I will miss them. They provided good advice and feedback to me as a mother in addition to caring for Reid for 3 years and 2 months.

Reid is much more focused on what comes next. For a couple weeks, we have talked about how long it would be until she started school. Aunt Karin said something to the effect that this is the last weekend for the next 21 that Reid won’t be a school kid. (Note that Ken and I both took longer to finish university but it’s a reasonable minimum. Reid has declared her intention to be a doctor like Daddy, though.)  I must have mentioned Karin’s comments to Melissa in front of Reid because yesterday she was saying that Monday will be her “last day as a little kid” and Tuesday will be her “first day of school!” There is always an exclamation point when she says “first day of school!” and “school” has at least 2 syllables. These are exciting times, indeed, at our house.

I’m having a little trouble adjusting to the idea of my baby being in school, even though the difference between day care and junior kindergarten seems minimal. Wait until she puts on her uniform. I’ll be a mess. A mess with a stiff upper lip, though, right? I don’t want her to know there is anything to feel but fabulous about going to school. And here it hasn’t been too long since I was feeling odd because I wasn’t returning to school.

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