Treasured gift

While Aunt Pam and Reid were hanging out last week, Reid spent a lot of time playing with one of Aunt Pam’s hair clips. On Sunday, Reid had one of the hair clips in her possession and I told her she needed to give it back. Reid didn’t protest but looked at the clip a bit wistfully and went to hand it back. Aunt Pam decided that Reid enjoyed the clip so much that she could keep it. Reid was excited and wanted to clarify the terms of the gift. She asked, “Can I keep it forever?” I said that was the case and then Reid asked, “Even when Aunt Pam is dead?” I suppose that the definition of “forever” includes a period of time that is even longer than that but I agreed that it included Aunt Pam’s death. Reid was too happy about the possibility of keeping the hair clip forever to be conscious of the rudeness and morbidity of the question. In any case, it was a gift that was well-appreciated. Perhaps as much as I appreciated having Grandma Joyce and Aunt Pam around last week.

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