Finding our school routine

Reid and I made it to our respective schools on time Monday morning. As I mentioned, I had packed the things we needed to take with us and even set the table. I’ve been reading a story before Reid is even out of bed. It serves as good transition from sleep to rushing around getting ready and Reid loves her stories even more than she loves snuggling back to sleep when she is tired. The need to see the pictures forces her to open her eyes. According to my plan, Reid gets dressed before we go downstairs. We’re 2 for 3 this week on that ;+) I do her hair at bed time and has to get really, really messed up for me to fix it in the morning. Reid might not be runway ready in the morning but she is tidy enough.

Reid was the first kid to pre-care at 7:15 on Monday and Tuesday although a couple more followed us in. At her old day care there were kids at the door promptly at 7:00 when the day care opened and a 7:15 arrival wouldn’t have guaranteed Reid a place in the first 5. I wasn’t as organized on Monday night and so on Tuesday morning and Reid ended up eating her “apple oatmeal hot” (Quaker packet of oatmeal cereal) in the car on the way. I’d even had to put it in the freezer to cool it so that it would be ready to eat. This morning Reid decided that she was going to alternate between apple and raisin oatmeal hot (as opposed to the cold Oatmeal Crisp that Ken has). Cold cereal is a disaster in the car; given the glob of oatmeal I pulled off Reid’s jumper this morning, I’m not sure how much better the hot cereal is.

My bus ride downtown in the mornings has been smooth. It took a bit of time on Monday to locate a street where I could legally park my car for the day but once that was accomplished, I settled in to enjoy my bus ride. I find it much less stressful and like having the time to write. I also like avoiding the $15 per day parking charge, gas cost and wear and tear on the car – like the marks the one valet put on it. The buses in front of day care didn’t pass often enough for me take them but my new route is supposed to pass every 9 minutes. And it does, as far as I can tell, in the morning.

That last comment was dramatic foreshadowing, you know. On Tuesday night my bus was late, the skies opened, and I was afraid I’d end up paying the $40 administrative fee plus $1 per minute late fee. I made it in under the wire but can’t say how much I enjoyed the bus ride or found it much less stressful than being in my car ;+)

When I pick up Reid, I get to read her Communication Book and it tells me, through a series of pictures, about:
* her emotional state: cloudy/withdrawn; small sun/pleasant; big, bright sun/happy
* her appetite: full apple/didn’t eat much; half apple/ate some; apple core/ate well
* solo child/played alone; two children/participated in some group activities; three children in a group/participated fully
* window/played in yard; tire swing/playground; school bus/field trip; and
* the words “nap” and “relaxation.

So far Reid has always had her bright sun and apple core circled. Reid said that she prefers the food that Todd prepared at day care but she seems to manage to eat what is offered. The first day or two she participated somewhat but has since been very involved. Sometimes she has a brief nap but mostly she rests. The kids have played in their play yard and in a park on the grounds and they were in the gym for a couple of free play periods. Reid had been asking about the gym for weeks and was happy for the rainy days.

There is also a section where the teacher writes a note. I promise not to report on ¬†everything the teacher writes but here is the first week’s worth of comments:

Sept 2: Reid had an excellent morning and joined all the activities.
Sept 3: Super Duper Day!
Sept 4: Reid has an awesome and calm disposition. She seems very attentive and focused.
Sept 5: Reid is really coming out of her shell. She talks to her teachers and peers a lot.
Sept 8: Reid had a fun day and enjoyed the park.
Sept 9: Reid enjoyed the gym very much and was very attentive at circle time.
Sept 10: I really appreciate that Reid can identify and write her own name. Thank you. (The teacher had underlined “really appreciate” twice. I’ll have to pass along the thanks to Reid’s day care teachers.)
Sept 11: Reid has adapted very well to this environment and is doing great.

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