From yucky to yummy

I made tortilla’s for supper on Wednesday night. They’re super-healthy, with salsa, black bean and zucchini filling and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese to stick the second tortilla on. I told Reid that they were like Mexican pizzas and said she could try and eat a wedge like a slice of pizza. A few beans leaked and that bothered Reid. She wasn’t too keen to eat something that she hadn’t eaten before in any case. I insisted she eat at least one wedge and cut it into smaller pieces for her. I ate mine and soon Reid was asking if there were any more for her to eat. She picked up the bits that dropped out and may have even considered licking the plate from the look on her face. I grinned smugly but held my tongue. No sense saying, “I told you so,” when there was another piece of tortilla for me to eat.

Ken doesn’t like these tortillas and I’ve been trying to remember to eat the foods that I like and he doesn’t but have been making the same old things on those rare nights that I’ve cooked. I’ll have to work the tortillas into my rotation and might even be able to tweak them in some way to make them appeal to Ken. Next, I’m going to make corn bread muffins. But I need ideas on what low-calorie food goes with corn bread. If you think of anything, send it my way.

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