So good, so far

We finally got to the hotel about 11:30 later. Reid is a highway girl – as soon as I put the car in park her eyes popped open from what had looked to be a deep sleep. Uncle Roger came down to carry her up while I brought stuff in and presented myself at reception. By the time I got to the room, Reid was snuggled in a bed with Dylan watching television. Apparently Dylan is also a highway boy.

Aunt Karin, Reid and I were talking about who would sleep where and one of the proposals would have seen Reid sleeping with me rather than Dylan. He objected to this with an indignant, “I haven’t slept with Reid in so long!” as he touched her back. Like, never. They did try when we were in Toronto but Reid decided she wanted to sleep with me. Last night, I was invited to join them and that seems like progress to me.

Reid was awake about 5:00 or so but I told her it was too early to talk or be awake. When she woke up the second time, I tried the same logic but with little success. Her plaintive, “But when can I talk?” must have attracted Uncle Roger’s attention because he told us the time immediately when I said I’d have to check the clock to know. Reid is blessed/stuck with my internal clock, I guess, since she woke up at her usual time despite the break in her sleep (and my lack of sleep due to the drive.)

The kids modelled their Halloween costumes for each other about 6:30. They both made admiring noises and so I think that the skunk and pteradactyl (sp?) will be strutting their stuff at the party tomorrow night. I finally convinced Dylan that he should go to the bathroom and as he walked over he said, “I don’t know if dinosaurs pee.” (hee, hee, hee … Pause for effect …) I know that they poop! (hee, hee, hee) So funny!” It’s going to be a weekend full of potty humour – also Reid’s favourite – but a fun one, I expect.

Uncle Roger invited the kids to go for a walk. “Where to?” they asked. He told them they would see fancy signs and buildings but not that the key was to keep them from waking the others on our floor. I should take advantage of the time to shower.

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