Early Christmas talk

Normally, I think that people shouldn’t be allowed to discuss Christmas before Halloween but the topic has already come up a few times at our house.

Reid was caressing her Christmas gown last Wednesday morning – it really is more a gown than a simple dress, it’s that beautiful and Grandma Joyce is that talented – and she asked when it would be Christmas. I told her that she’d have to wait 2 months for Christmas. Her shoulders slumped. I added that she’d be able to wear her dress for pictures this month and Reid perked up. She stared at the dress for a few more seconds and then noted that it lacked a belt. I pointed out the sash of the dress but Reid thought it needed a belt. I also demonstrated the jingle bell in the hem that would further accessorize the outfit but Reid remained firm on the need for a belt. To be precise, she thought it needed her pink, shiny plastic belt with a large heart-shapde buckle that is studded with pink rhinestones. Since I was hoping to leave the house without tears (on her part or mine), I allowed that belt could stay for a while but that it couldn’t be in her pictures. I’ll have to disappear it in the next week or so.

Reid discovered some coins somewhere or another once day recently and, as she gathered them together, she told me that she was going to give them to Santa so that he could buy her some presents. She didn’t specify what she was hoping for but rather said that Santa should choose whatever *he* wanted. It seems we’ve missed some part of Reid’s education vis-à-vis Santa.

Remember the year I wanted nothing more than for Reid to want a train set for Christmas? Well, this year I think my dream present for Reid will coincide with her preference, too. Several times I’ve had to pry Reid away from a dollhouse at post-care and so I started looking at wooden dollhouses but the dolls seem intended for younger kids – maybe 3-6 year olds. The Playmobil ones have people that seem more suited to the 4-8 year olds. Initially I wanted to avoid plastic, for environmental and quality reasons, but I think purchasing a sturdy Playmobil house that Reid will play with longer balances out the eco-friendly wooden house that will come and go more quickly. Plus, who can resist the look of the Playmobil Victorian dollhouse? It comes unfurnished, unfortunately, and so I’ll be soliciting room furnishings and people from anyone inclined to buy Reid a present.

Remember, there are only 52 shopping days until Christmas. I’m pretty sure Grandma Joyce has already started decorating.

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