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Going for “ooh la la!”

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Warning: this might seem like too much info for some of you

I was late picking Reid up on Friday night. When she asked me why, I told her that I’d been to have my legs waxed so that Ken would say ‘Ooh, la la’ when he sees them. Reid immediately and vehemently declared, ‘I want that!’ I explained that her leg hair didn’t need to  be removed and, in any case, Ken would be very impressed to see her in glasses. Well, Reid decided to one-up me but good with her hair cut. I am pretty sure she will steal the show with her new, short ‘do. I think that she look like a little British school girl or perhaps like Madeline. And, lucky Reid, her transformation didn’t require any pain.

Coming soon

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Reid and I have been discussing Ken’s return a lot lately, as you can imagine. I’m not sure that he realizes that Reid is eagerly anticipating the time when he comes come *to her*.  He may be thinking that he is coming back to us but that is just silly talk.

When Ken is home, he will give Reid her bath while I clean up after supper because he has been gone a long time. When we go to the airport to pick him up, she will give him lots of kisses because they have missed each other. (I, apparently, was not missed.) Ken will go to watch Reid swim and he will be impressed with how much better she is. (Whereas I was an uninterested chauffeur these past three and a half months, I guess.) The best I can say for myself is that I’m invited to take Reid to school with Ken on his first day back. She has noted that she’ll stop being late once Daddy is back, not to cast any blame or anything.

I’ll be so glad when Ken comes back to Reid! I may have to wait but I know I’ll get some left over attention at some point.

I’m counting hours now…