Happy birthday, Pam

First, I have to say that it is difficult for to imagine that my siblings are having birthdays when it is obvious to me that none of us are getting any older. That being said, I’ve decided to write a list of gifts that Aunt Pam deserves this year:

* An “I survived my first child’s wedding” t-shirt. Brianna and George were super-organized (okay, mostly it was Brianna’s show) but I can only imagine that there must have been stress for Aunt Pam. Aunt Pam was cool, calm and collected (at least on the outside) and didn’t drink too much and have to be half-carried to the car. Oh wait, that was one of my aunts at my wedding.
* The biggest gold star ever made for coming to Reid’s and my aid that first week in September when Reid had a crazy integration schedule and I needed to be at my school instead of driving to and fro with Reid.
* A salon hair treatment for touching up my roots in that hotel in Belleville. Wow, did I ever need that!
* A warm tingly feeling each and every time Reid and I speak *of* her. We do so often but are much less successful speaking *to* her on the phone.
* A super-delicious cake that isn’t white. I learned once, too late, that she doesn’t like white cakes. Maybe a nice carrot cake with cream cheese icing would do. It has to be delicious in order to be good enough for my biggest sister.

Reid, Ken and I are wishing nothing but the best for this next year. Happy birthday, biggest sister!

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