Just two weeks

By this time two weeks from now, I will have finished my oral exam for French. I am sure that I will be stressed and eager for the results but dreading receiving them all the same. In the meantime, I’m attending extra French classes from 5-7 on Monday and Wednesday nights and also 9-11 on Saturday mornings. This means that I saw Reid awake for about 34 minutes yesterday. That made me sad. I really want to succeed and so I suppose the extra training will be worthwhile if I receive my level. I have friends who have activities – school and/or sports – in the evening two or three nights a week and I don’t understand how they do it. Maybe Reid will tell me at some point that I need to get my own life and give her some space but until then, I want to be there to eat supper with her and do crafts and read bedtime stories. I’ll share these experiences with Ken, of course. Don’t worry, I’m adapting to not being a single parent.

What I meant to do when I started writing was ask you to send me positive vibes on December 16th between 9 and 10 EST. Good luck charms, rituals and all other strategies will be gratefully accepted.

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