And how was your day

The first winter storm of the year is just wrapping up – 25 centimetres of snow and some freezing rain/ice pellets thrown in for good measure – and the city buses which normally bring me to school aren’t running because of a strike but my day is going much better than I expected. Peter offered me a ride downtown and we left early enough that traffic wasn’t horrible. I got to school really early but was safe and not stressed. There are 2 of us here instead of the usual 6. I feel bad for the woman who is sick and for the others who couldn’t make their way in but I have to admit to be glad of the extra time to talk this close to my exam.

I hope your day is going well despite any weather challenges, labour disputes or what have you. I know Ken’s commute was more challenging and I don’t know exactly how I’m getting home after my extra class tonight but I’m focusing on this morning’s successes for now.

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