Smells of home

When Reid and I got to the top of the ramp from the arrivals area at Union Station in Toronto, we could smell cinnamon, or at least I could. Before I had a chance to comment, Reid sniffed the air and said, “Mama, it smells like Beavertails!” That’s my Ottawa girl. ;+)

I explained that people use cinnamon in cinnamon buns, too, and we went to Cinnabon for a demonstration. Reid chose a chocolate milk In the past, Reid has been uninterested in the cinnamon bun but decided on Friday that she should taste it. And, oh bliss, it was good. She didn’t seem to think me a bad mama for never having forced the issue before but she definitely wanted her share of the bun in front of us. It’s good to have someone to share one of those cinnamon buns with since they’re crazily high in calories and sugar (and I’m to cheap to buy a mini bun because the cost per gram is too high).

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