We were talking about fruits

I gave Reid a banana to eat on the way to school this morning. I take advantage of advice that says brushing before breakfast is better for your teeth (see this article on when to brush your teeth┬áif you don’t believe me) and let her eat in the car. Ken pays more attention to the risks to the car and Reid’s clothes than I do (but while he is away … ;+) Anyway, as I was saying, Reid was eating a banana and gave be the last inch or so. I thanked her, as nice people should, and said that I’d been hoping that she would give me a piece. Reid smiled and then said, “Once I didn’t eat the nipple but Daddy did. Daddy likes nipples. [giggle]” And I could resist replying, “Umm. Yeah.” I was thinking that this would be one of those discussions that would make you laugh now and make Reid cringe when she is old enough to get the double meaning. I might have thought also that Ken would squirm a bit when I told it but, as I said, he is in Colorado Springs.

Reid moved onto her next favourite fruit – grapes. “I eat squishy grapes. Any grapes, even rotten grapes, I’ll eat.” I said that I didn’t realize that she ate squishy grapes and Reid insisted that she did eat them. She said, in fact, that at her old daycare the teachers said, “Reid, don’t eat the squishy grapes!” She laughed when she told me this. Reid asked whether she ate grapes as a baby and I said that she did but that I had cut them in half so that she wouldn’t choke. She asked if I gave her squishy ones and I said, “no”. When pressed for the reason, I explained that I was more picky about what went in her tummy back then. I had thought that she would have taken on the pickiness herself but apparently I was wrong.

(Note: We – Reid and I, maybe also Ken – call the bitter part right at the end of the banana a “nipple”. It has never seemed like a questionable label until today)

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