All I want for Suliennemas

With apologies for the irreverance.

You know how for Jesus’ birthday, people give each other presents? Well for Sulienne’s birthday this year, I would like a snow blower with a handy-dandy freestanding garage for it or a snow removal service. If you weren’t sure what to buy me for Suliennemas, now you know.

Have a look at the pic below if you’re lonely for snow or wondering how to fit 45 minutes of exercise into your day (according to the Internet, that’s 250 calories burned for me already).
Snowy January day

2 Responses to “All I want for Suliennemas”

  1. Wow! I’m always lonely for snow (we only ever get a sprinkling and the whole city shuts down in shock!), but that looks like a lot of snow and a whole lot of work!!!