Uncle Roger knows his letters

On Saturday morning while I was making waffles (mmmm, yummy waffles!), Reid and Uncle Roger were playing school. My theory on this is that Reid likes to be bossy and being the “teacher” in this game let’s her indulge her inner dictator. She had a ruler and a placemat with ¬†upper case letters on one side and lower case letters on the other. As Reid pointed with her ruler, Uncle Roger first provided the letters of the alphabet in English and then in French – all of those years as the parent of a daughter in French school have paid off – while Reid dispensed appropriate praise. She then flipped the placemat again and said that Uncle Roger needed to close his eyes and try again. Not that he was to recite the alphabet without looking. No, Uncle Roger had to wait until Reid had pointed at each letter with her ruler until he named the letter. He did pretty well except for when some background noise mimicked the sound of Reid’s ruler taps. She didn’t miss a beat but said, “No, not that one yet.” Or “Wait for me to point to it.” Uncle Roger would wait for the next tap of the ruler and try again. Luckily for him, Red decided that Uncle Roger didn’t need to – or maybe she didn’t think he would be able to – repeat the eyes-shut version of the French alphabet. Dr Seuss has a book entitled *I can read with my eyes shut* but I don’t think any of the characters actually do read with their eyes shut but I bet Reid could teach Uncle Roger how to do it.

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