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No rules against daddies in pottery class

Friday, February 13th, 2009

As I mentioned, Ken took Reid to her first “Parent and Child” pottery class on Sunday. It would seem that in this context, as with most parenting magazines, “parent” is code for “mother”. Ken was the only adult male in the class and the kids were mostly girls as well. He said that the moms seemed to know each other as well and so he was doubly the outsider by virtue of his being a newbie and a man.

The fact that Ken was the only daddy in the class was not lost on Reid. She told me about it specifically and said also, “There’s no rule against daddies at pottery class!” But there was laughter, and maybe pride, in her voice at the audaciousness of *her* daddy. ┬áIt’s good that Reid appreciates the lengths Ken will go to for her. Not that she always notices but I try to do so.